Sunday, 8 April 2007

The New Pyramid Builders

Good article by Edward Kline at Family Security Matters. In his piece he references the article by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld called America For Sale (see my previous post here).

Mr. Kline discusses how Saudi and other Arab ruling families are financing "the new pyramids" throughout the world. These include towers, high-rises, museums, etc. He notes that each one of these construction projects is government sponsored, but the government is the family-run oil oligarchies. And Americans help pay for these vain excesses in high gas and oil prices.

Their legislative bodies are purely artificial fictions beholden to ruling families. The only persons who have billions to invest in these new pyramids are those related or closely connected to those ruling families.

There is no doubt what the goal of the "new pyramid builders" is:
[They] seek to bury the corpse of the West in their own. No one should doubt that Islam - including its kings, emirs, princes, mullahs, imams, its billionaires, its countless mind-stunted manqués, and its homicidal killers - wishes to eviscerate the West, and especially the U.S.

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